Friday, June 06, 2008

"Dancing In Interesting Ways"

The girls have three days left of school, and so they are compiling a list of "Summer Fun." So far the list includes 12 line items penned by Vida. Apparently, our days will be spent "making mini cherry pies," "having a picnic," and "getting involved with the library's 'Catch the Reading Bug' program."

Vida would also like to dedicate some time to "dancing in interesting ways." At least that's what she said as she was making notes in her sketchbook. I don't know if that goal has made the official list; I hope the fact that I almost passed out laughing didn't dissuade her. Either way, I'll make sure to have the video camera primed and ready to go.

My personal list includes a lot of writing. I feel I've lost my way, somehow, but I've decided to be patient with my literary ineptitude (I will embrace it like a pet! I will water it like a plant! I will dance with it in interesting ways!) because, come on, sooner or later things HAVE to start making sense again. Right now I spend a lot of time at the keyboard second-guessing myself, starting and stopping, staring and frowning. Delete, delete, delete...

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Shuboy said...

How about, "Visiting the Uncles Mike in Madison-freakin'-Wisconsin"???? Is THAT on the list? It should be!!!!