Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Phew. Now that Super Tuesday is super-over, I can super-calm-my-ass-down. Now...where was I before the madness set in? Ah, yes...

Am very excited to have secured the literary services of poet and children's author Jorge Argueta for this year's Author Day at R, V, and L's school. I think I might have done a bad thing, though. I ended up placing the book order through a large chain because 1) they carried all the titles I needed; 2) my large-chain rewards card saved a total of $54.00, a savings which I can now pass on to those who purchased books; 3) shipping was free. Was this wrong? Sr. Argueta had no interest in ordering the books himself, so I'm not worried that he somehow lost money in this process. But I still have a nagging feeling that someone came out on the short end here.

*awkward transition*

Tonight I'm giddy about hosting writer's group because I missed our last session and haven't seen anyone in the group for nearly two months. However, I am regretting the fact that I don't know how to start a fire in the fireplace and that I said, "Um, no thanks" to the spousal unit when he asked if I wanted him to show me how. I'd try it on my own, but I'm exactly the kind of lame-o who would end up filling the house with smoke, which would necessitate the need to open all doors and windows or, more likely, force everyone to exit the building. In which case all my giddiness about writer's group would go up in, um, flames.


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