Thursday, August 09, 2007

Me & My iSight, Plus a Writing Prompt

I should be writing, but instead I am:

1) Waiting for my brother to sign on to iChat. Helllllo?!! He moved to Madison Freaking Wisconsin yesterday, which I have to pretend to be okay with, but which I am so NOT, which is why I am waiting for him to sign onto iChat. Helllllooo?!

2) Making faces at myself on my iSight camera.

3) Eating Monster Trail Mix and noticing how absurd I look while chewing. Thank you iSight!

4) Looking at the background in my iSight and realizing I have not yet done the dishes. Thank you again!

5) Also? I have manga hair right now. Does this always happen to my hair at 10 pm? And is there a technical term for manga hair?

Okay, I give up on the iChat thing. What time is it in Madison Freaking Wisconsin, anyways? I will go now and work on the writing prompt that Cecilia sent out. The prompt was:

Outside the Parroquia de San Miguel Arc Angel...

And so far I have written:

Outside the Parroquia de San Miguel Arc Angel, she sat on pigeon shit.

I don't know about you, but I think this is a promising beginning. Not for my character, of course, but for me.

Bonus visual:

Manga Hair & Dirty Dishes!


Shuboy said...

we're two hours ahead of you!!! we were asleep while you were trying to mind meld me into logging on to ichat. just call me, fer crissakes and I'll log on!!! or shoot me an e-mail. for some reason when i'm surfing the interweb, I have a tendency to check my e-mail between every website.
all is well here. check my blog for poorly written updates.
oh... and why did you wait for us to move before tellng me that it was not okay???
nice hair, by the way.

kmargrett said...

i dont see any dirty dishes! cool hair ;P

ver said...

Hahahahaha! I tilted my head to cover them, but I can still see some beyond the Diet Pepsi can!

CookieDuster said...

It's all about the lighting, well except for the so tired I'm pissed off expression, lighting won't change -that- much.