Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to Forms. I Mean "School." Back to School.

I can think of only one reason why it's no fun to have 3 children who are close in age: having to fill out stacks and stacks of school forms in triplicate. Surely there's a better way. Surely someone has heard of a little thing called A COMPUTER. Surely we could do this online.

Still, I have to admit there's a certain ritualistic satisfaction in breaking out the ol' stylus and going to town on all the little boxes and lines and whatnot. I'm paralyzed not only by my obsession with perfect penmanship while completing forms, but by the number of decisions I must make, the most pressing being whether I should mark my answers with a checkmark, an "x," or perhaps a minimalist (albeit somewhat aggressive) slanted slash. Such minutiae can bog me down, especially when it's already 10:10, and I have yet to fill out the first form, fold the laundry, make the waffle batter, or pack the lunches for tomorrow.

Knowing that I will be up past midnight does nothing to spur me on. If anything, I become even more maternally nonchalant. Eh, I say, what's the difference, really, between midnight and one in the morning? Well, I'll tell you. The difference between midnight and one in the morning is that the latter results in the the next day's absolute need to wear sunglasses. Indoors.


kmargrett said...

I'm not sure what forms you have to fill out, but I work in a doctor's office and when it's that time of the year--back to school--the parents flood to the office with forms galore..! What bugs ME out is when they come in the day before the form is due insisting that it NEEDS to be right then and there. (Has their child had his/her annual physical exam and bloodwork? No? I'm sorry, before we can finish filling these out, they need to be seen and the bloodwork needs to be done. Results come back within 2-3 days of your trip to the lab. [all hell breaks loose Meanwhile, their part of the form is completely blank, child's name nowhere in sight. At least you put in the effort! On behalf of receptionists everywhere.. kudos to you :D

ver said...

I am seriously form-obsessed. I don't want the things hanging around my desk for any significant amount of time, or they will inevitably get lost.

You'll be happy to know that all of this year's doctor stuff was completed before the end of LAST school year. Yay! Special prize for your Nesting Ground Mistress!

Also, I have never understood the logic behind losing it with the receptionist. Don't people realize that receptionists hold the Keys to the Kingdom(s)?