Thursday, April 12, 2007

Only in Mexico

Re-entry is a bitch, really. Because only in Mexico can Lea truly rock her Sinatra fedora:

Only in Mexico can I feel 100% comfortable wearing these slightly ridiculous gold hoops (super Shuboy brother, though, can get away with his hat just about anywhere):

Only in the golden light of Mexico can my daughters sport sequined bathing suit cover-ups and battle each other only once (miracle!) in seven days :

And only in Mexico can my adorable godchild play with her toes on a made-for-real-lounging couch like the one in the crazy fantastic villa we shared with her parents, her sister, my brother, and Mr. Mike:

Okay, well maybe the toe thing could happen in other places.

But still.



Hallo! I would like to link your site. I am searching for pinay bloggers in diaspora and chanced on this blog through the blog of Lenny.
Interesting writings,


Meg said...

Welcome Back Ver! Looks like much fun was had by all...
See you Monday

kmargrett said...

Great pictures! Oh, how I'd love to go to Mexico and wear Fidoras and sequined bathing suit coverups! =D That villa.. looks.. amazing..! Luckyyyy..

ver said...

Hello Marlou: Sure, link away!

Meg-gy: Yes, ma'am...back to la grind on Monday.

kmargrett: How about a fedora, sequined cover-up and big gold hoops all at once?