Monday, April 02, 2007

A Birthday Song From Luj + Comfort Woman Resolution Update

My little cousin, Luj, wrote a song for my birthday. He is one of the only people capable of simultaneously making me want to strangle him and give him a big old hug. When you press play, you will understand why.

(For my non-Filipino readers: when Luj refers to me as "Ate Ver," he's assigning me the rightful and respectful title of older sister/cousin)

(And, um, for any readers at all: Fairlawn Ct. is the street where I grew up. My paternal grandparents lived on the same street, so it was quite the family gathering ground)

(And also, Luj will probably be very mad at me for sharing this song, but that's what Mr. "She's-Forty-And-I'm-Not" gets)


The Comfort Women House Resolution Petition now has 1,199 signatures. If you haven't signed yet, please do! And if you can do more, please take a look at the letter Evelina Galang has written to her Congressperson—here—and write one of your own. As Evelina puts it, "activate your pen!"


Gladys said...

good god your family's talented! and funny! and smart! and beautiful! holy smokes!

A. D. said...


she's forty . . .

Luis said...

Yes, I'm very mad that you posted the song, and I didn't think you would because although you skipped sixth grade and all, you really aren't THAT smart. But you figured out the internets and have unleashed my musical prowess on your innocent blog readership. You have no mercy.

The song is kind of catchy though, isn't it? I just can't stop singing "She's For-ty..." to myself. And wow, you're totally forty! That's pretty darn old. You're an old, old Ate, that's what you are...old Ate Ver. Hmmm...I like that! Henceforth, my nickname for you will no longer be "SmartyPants" it will be "Old Ate Ver".

your YOUNG and LITTLE Cousin,

Luj the Great

ver said...

Yes, well, in some 70-odd days, you'll have to change the lyrics to, "She's forty, just like me..."

kmargrett said...

Hahaha, cute song! So you really skipped the 6th grade?! Sweet.. ;P

Franicked said...

Speaking of forty, wasn't Luj only there for forty minutes?

M. Evelina Galang said...

Love it.

That song and that connection between you and Luj is EXACTLY why people should sign the petition. Because you're forty and blessed and a strong woman with loads of support.

Sign the petition for all women of all ages and all generations ...

Next week, I'm SO MUCH MORE than forty!