Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On Friday

I'm looking forward to learning more about Carlos Bulosan and his work. I know he's not in vogue, I know his writing is not as impressive as that of other Filipino writers, I know there are issues in his writing for a mainstream American audience, and that, well, he didn't quite have a handle on genre. But I have respect to spare for his accomplishments and for the place he holds in our literary history. Yup.

(Hey, check out the title of the man giving the keynote address: "Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary." I want one like that. Something like, "Person Superfantastical & Wonderfulacious." See what you can do and get back to me. Love ya. Mean it.)

Friday. April 28, 2006, Room LJ-119, Jefferson Building
Library of Congress

Welcome, by Dr. Hwa Wei Lee, Chair, Asian Division

Keynote Address by His Excellency Albert F. del Rosario. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of The Philippines

Blueprint for a Bulosan Project:Prospects for Renewing the Filipino Critical Imagination, by Dr. E. San Juan, Jr., Philippine Cultural Studies Center,

The Third Oriental Invasion: Filipino Immigrants as 'Race Problem' in the Early Twentieth Century American West, by Dr. Rick A. Baldoz, Visiting Fellow, Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity

Carlos Bulosan, the Postcolonial Poet, by Dr. Susan Evangelista, Palawan

Some Notes for Reconsidering Carlos Bulosan’s Third World Literary Radicalism, by Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Songs in Exile: A Musical Tribute, by Rod Garcia

Carlos Bulosan’s Songs of Innocence and Experience: From Utopian Americanism and Internationalism to Filipino Nationalist Politics and Culture, by Dr. Tim Libretti, Northeastern Illinois University

Are We There Yet? Mapping Carlos Bulosan's America Is In The Heart, by Dr. Jorshinelle Taleon-Sonza, Rutgers

Video footage: Scenes from THE ROMANCE OF MAGNO RUBIO, adapted for the stage by Lonnie Carter, courtesy of Ma-Yi Theater New York

Carlos Bulosan: The Filipino Working Class Legacy as Reflected in the Alaska Cannery Workers' Experiences, by Cindy Domingo, Co-founder, the Carlos Bulosan Historical Project in Seattle

Bulosan's Laughter: The Making of Carlos Bulosan, by Dr. Lane Hirabayashi, University of California-Riverside & Marilyn Alquizola, San Francisco State

HEALING BY RECOLLECTING (a power point presentation), by Reme-Antonia Grefalda, Our Own Voice


Gladys said...

how about:

Writer Luminous and Transcendental
Personage Prodigious and Otherworldly

sorry, my thesaurus skills are rusty

thelastnoel said...

Man, you Notherners get all the good lectures!

ver said...

Oooh, Gladys, nice work with or without a thesaurus...

Noel, I hope you "let go," made an impulse purchase at Apple, and are now typing on a Mac!

Princess Leia said...

How plenipotentiaristic this all sounds. Hope you're having a wonderful time!