Thursday, April 06, 2006

Confession #417

I don't know how to do french braids. I've never known how to do french braids. And since most girls are simply born with the ability to do french braids, I feel a little...suspect. When Lea asked for "fwench bwaids" (her Uncle M. and Aunt J.—both highly skilled practicioners of the art—had done it for her prior) the other day, I just did regular braids, and I held my breath while she checked her look in the mirror.

Lea in Braids

Lo and behold, my deception was successful. She even asked the SU to take this picture. So that is good. Another good thing is that these braids will not stop the flow of blood to her brain, something I distinctly remember french braids having the power to do.

And, well, that's all I have for you today.


Princess Leia said...

So cute naman! :-)

thelastnoel said...

Someday she'll be asking for a mohawk!

ver said...

You may be right, Noel. Or maybe she'll ask for... A PERM. Hahahahahahahaahahaha!