Friday, January 23, 2004

Repressed Tiger Beat Memories

While Professor Weez and my brother continue their Barry Manilow lovefest on my comments board, I will take a moment to tell you all about an e-mail I received yesterday from my childhood friend, Paul, who has been reading my blog for lo these two months without taking even forty-two seconds out of his busy day (if only he'd stop the ridiculous habit of riding his bicycle to work...) to say, "Hello, oldest friend I have in the world. How are you?"

Instead, after a silence of five months (during which he ignored two e-mails and a Christmas card), he writes, "Oh, about all the groovy things you say you did not have when you were a child, you did. I remember Shaun Cassidy crap in your room."

I have no memory of this; I am as horrified as you, dear reader.

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