Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rocking In My Rocking Chair & Staring Into the Distance

Remember when we used to blog a lot, and we used to comment on each other's blogs rather than commenting on each other's Facebook pages? At the risk of sounding like the old guys who used to "walk to school barefoot in the snow while being chased by wolves," I miss those halcyon days.

Last week while cleaning up after some sort of spambot that was leaving a trail of pornographic messages in its wake, I ran across some of said comments. And I was reminded of the funny little fact that we used to sign off with our word verification and a made-up definition. Here are a few, circa 2005 (!):

From Sunny - yecojk: flaky Lithuanian pastry similar to apple turnover
From Gladys - ovbzzv: go away, little fly
From me - dnmhipw: a hybrid dance form originating south of the Equator
From Bec - alvqhais: n. sneeze; v. to bless someone after they sneeze
From Bec - tvkdoxh: n. what penguins really wear
From Oscar - deaokrp: is the werd that ya heard

Perhaps I'm in a glorifying-the-past mood because my birthday is tomorrow. I think I will now churn butter and listen to some Andy Gibb on my record player.


Gladys said...

wow, 2005. that was pre-baby days for me! ...which i suppose explains why i was able to blog so much back then. then again, fb is also a major time suck, ugh.

for old times' sake:

typhoth: the biggest, most shameful typo in the world

ver said...

And gosh, I had two 5-year-olds and a 3-year-old! I think I blogged to stay sane, truth be told.

Ugh facebook. It's so love-hate.

(am about to hit "publish"; I wonder if it'll give me a word verification?!)

ver said...

It didn't. So sad.

Carl said...

I think a number of folks have been disenchanted with blog discussions. On the bigger ones, they tend to be controlled by the trolls. Facebook is friendlier, probably since nobody is anonymous.

FYI, I have a word verification below. Globbi, the chunks in milk left, forgotten, in the back of the fridge for 2 months.