Friday, October 23, 2009

Messy Nest

I could, if it were my nature, spend the entire day picking up after my children: shoes under the table, cardboard bits from class project, library book on the mantle, party favors, backpacks, lip balms, change purses, socks, shin guards, ponytail holders, hats, colored pencils, gluestick, homework folder. But it is not my nature. I do, however, shuffle the most offending items (backpack under the dining room table, for example) to their proper place. Why do I do this? Because sometimes I can't bear to order them around for the 276th time in 24 hours. Some would scoff, I suppose. Yes, children should learn to pick up after themselves. But also, children should not only be spoken to in an unbroken string of do-this and do-that and don't-do-this and don't-do-that. Sometimes I just need to let them be.

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meg said...

Boy, does this one hit home for me, Ver! I too have a million small items strewn all over my house. Some days it absolutely drives me crazy and I have to fight not to let it get me down!.... I just keep reminding myself that once they are all grown up and moved out of the house I can, once again, have a neat, clean, TIDY, house. But then it will be too darn QUIET! haha