Thursday, September 10, 2009

A List Written While Watching Anderson Cooper

In the time since I last updated my blog, the following things have occurred:

1) Gray hair popped up all over my head. I have had no time to correct this grave mistake of Mother Nature, but I have managed to waste several minutes musing on the fact that post-40 personal upkeep is annoying, time-consuming, and expensive. *waves fists at the heavens*

2) Some joker in Congress called our President a liar. Not only is this bad form, it's...bad form. And there's nothing worse than bad form. Plus, it just really, really, really pissed me off.

3) I purchased an iron. We have not had an iron in this house for at least a year. I'm staring at it now; it's like sculpture. Home sculpture.

4) I read A Mouse and His Motorcycle to Lea.

5) I squealed with delight when Risa's teacher informed us that the class would be reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.

6) I successfully ignored several phone calls from my dentist's office because I don't want to go to my cleaning, and I don't want a new crown (unless it sits on my head, is jewel-encrusted, and indicates that people must kneel before me), and I don't want to be miserable.

7) I wrapped prosciutto around asparagus and grilled it on the stovetop.

8) I surprised myself by being mentally prepared for the inevitable meltdowns each of my children undergoes as they get used to being in school for seven hours a day. I breathed in, I breathed out, I breathed in, I breathed out.

9) I became distracted by that slightly nuts CNN war correspondent with the crooked nose.

10) I bought a hat.

I'm lying! I'm lying! I did not buy a hat.


Marianne said...

Ha, ha! You're hilarious.

I wish you *did* buy a hat . . .

Carl said...

A hat? You Lie! *ahem* ;)

Anyway, I LOVED "A Mouse and His Motorcycle" as a boy, along with the other Ralph books. Well, and everything that Cleary wrote.

So, go buy a hat already!

ver said...

I would buy a hat, but whenever I try one on, it's inevitably too small. Or my head is too big. Hmmm, which is it? That's the subject of another post, I suppose...

Jill said...

Good for you on #8. I tried to do the same, not sure if I was as successful. I always forget how rough the beginning of school can be.