Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bitter Betty Throws a Pity Party

The summer is off to a most ridiculous start. All my fine writing and reading plans have fallen by the wayside like crumbs from moldy bread. This proves, of course, that I was on track with my first pre-summer post, i.e. I should not have made any plans because plans are always waylaid.

In short, I have been sick for more than a week, and it's not just any sick. It's an illness that features, nay stars, the swelling of lymph nodes in my neck. This has become, through some fault of my own I'm sure, the Sad Summer of Giant Nodes. I will not go into too lengthy a description of my symptoms, but I will tell you that I cannot speak, swallow, turn my head, sleep, or yawn without the kind of discomfort that just really, really pisses me off. In more positive news, if you're in search of an effective weight loss program, you should consider purchasing some Giant Nodes.

With that helpful hint, I'll bring my pity party to a close. I promise to return soon with a post about unicorns, cotton candy, and the wondrous pan flute.


nat10977 said...

get better and feel better fast, veronica..looking forward to those posts.

pass some giant nodes my way, will you? i'll gladly pay for shipping...is it adult-onset mumps??

'hello' to your dad..i'm sure he's looking forward to his 'sentimental journey' to the phil.

Marianne said...

You're funny! When I get sick I always eat a ton!

kmargrett said...

get well soon!

ver said...

Thanks all! Marianne, I'd eat if I could; but it HURTS!