Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lions Roar, Church Bells Ring, and a Car Drives Off Into the Distance

I was determined to post today. Unfortunately, I was also determined to get to Ryder Park for my patented (why is it patented when it appears to make no difference whatsoever to my physical being? I don't know) Ryder Park workout, hit up Target and Trader Joe's, register the girls for two camps, pay my bills, prep for teaching art to the first graders on Friday, and write up a lesson plan for tomorrow's baby writer's workshop. Speaking of third grade baby writers, our first session was more fun than a fish fry on a friday night (is a fish fry fun? Is it more fun if it's on a friday night?). It was easy to get them thinking in metaphors/similes. Here are a few of their poems:

Maeve is beautiful as a field of daffodils
She is green as ten forests
Maeve is a cherry red popsicle
She is a very large church bell ringing
- J.M.

My brother is strong as a weed
He is fun as yellow
My brother is sweet as a red cherry
He is a lion roaring
- by K.I.

I am a daisy in spring
I am bright purple
I taste like a ripe orange
I sound like a car driving off into the distance
- R.W.

I don't know; I just think those are super groovy. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Gladys said...

loving the images in those poems!

ver said...

I am not a habitually corny person, but the sight of the kids hunched over their purple notebooks writing in their messy kidwriting pretty much kills me.

Carl said...

Those would be impressive from high-school students. You're obviously a fine teacher/docent.