Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Golden Line

Not since Achilles defeated Hektor in the divine cheesiness that was Troy...

Not since Maximus felled Commodus in the spectacle of Gladiator...

Not since Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo struck down...well, the glory that was Rome...

Not since then has a clash between warriors achieved the greatness of the armored bears Iorek Byrnison and Iofur Raknison (called "Ragnar" in the film) in The Golden Compass:

Post-vanquishing, Ian McKellen (who voices Iorek) delivers his line with bellowing magnificence:

"Bears! WHO...IS...YOUR...KING?"

So, obviously I've stopped saying, "I am Beowulf. I will slay your mon-stah."


Appearing Offline said...

Yea, that fight was magnificent, pity it didn't last longer though. Also, it was one of the few plusses in the film, complete disappointment compared to the books. Calling Iofur "Ragnar"??? Wtf!?

Princess Leia said...

It's Dets.

Happy Holidays, etc.!

You're not supposed to watch/read GC series because it's anti-church. Haven't you got the emails?!

Oh, that's because you don't send your kids to Catholic school.

Oh well. Pray for you.

BTW, Julia's already read it. We're pro-church, but also strongly anti-censorship. :) Haven't seen the movie, but heard it wasn't too good.