Monday, December 18, 2006

Ver vs. Ice

I'm sure the Weather Gods were pointing and laughing at us this morning when we scooted out the door 5 minutes behind schedule, only to find the car completely encased in ice. They were probably in full-on guffaw mode when I acted on the bordering-on-mentally-incapacitated assumption that turning on the windshield wipers would de-ice the windshield. Or perhaps they waited until I got out of the car and hopped from foot-to-foot blowing on my hands and saying, "Okay, okay, okay, let's see..." while the girls screamed "We're gonna be late! We're gonna be late! Mom! Mom! Come on, we're gonna be laaaaaaate..."

I was not to be defeated.

Like a primate discovering that a tree branch makes a decent backscratcher, I, too, fashioned a tool from what was on hand. And what was on hand was a CD case (The Best of Hall & Oates, if you must know. The girls love "Maneater," and I really don't want to discuss the matter further, so please stop pressing me. I will add, however, that "One on One" is completely underrated. Laugh if you must, but history will bear me out). I scraped away the ice, raised my arms in victory, and yelled "Ha! You see that?! Ha!"

Oh, but how does it end, Ver? How does it all end?

Reader, we made it to school on time.


KMRL said...

You really are supermom =)

ver said...

Ha! More like "Hanging-In-There-Mom."

Happy holidays to you, l'il kmrl!

Peggy said...

Hey, I love that song One on One! (yes they laugh but know not what they laugh at...)

(nice blog, love the writing.)

ver said...

Nice to meet ya, Peggy. I hope "One on One" is not now stuck in your head and distracting you from performing your daily tasks. If so, just blast a current and annoying (I'm thinking maybe...Fergie's "London Bridge?") song for a few minutes to cleanse (ooh, irony) your brain...